Do You Live In District 9?

Our unique neighborhoods include a portion of Clemens Heights/Clemens Grove and Copper Run, Copperfield, Higbee Mill, Magnolia Run, Monticello, Pickway Corner, Pinnacle, Plantation, Robinwood, Southpoint, Stone Creek, Stonewall Community, Stonewall Equestrian, Wellington, Willow Bend, Willow Oak, Wyndham Downs, Wyndham Meadows and Wyndham Ridge neighborhoods.

Colby K is the most qualified candidate for Councilmember for District 9 and intends to be a strong advocate for good public policy for all of Lexington.

Colby Needs Your Help

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Doing any kind of volunteer work.Displaying a yard sign.Distributing campaign flyers in my neighborhood.E-mailing my friends about Colby.Talking to neighbors.Posting on social media.