Public Safety

Public safety is our first and foremost priority.  The number one job of local government should be to adequately fund police, fire and emergency services for our neighborhoods.  As a councilmember, I would advocate for maintaining strong funding for police and fire; encourage neighborhood crime watch and prevention programs; and support our first responders who risk their lives every day for the safety of our families and neighbors.


As Lexington grows so does traffic congestion.  Solutions to ease traffic burdens include increased promotion of mass transit (Lextran) and investment in bike and pedestrian lanes.  We must also secure funding to expand key arterial roadways which will relieve overall traffic congestion.  Ongoing focus into traffic light timing, change of turn lanes, and roundabouts will help ease traffic and make for faster commutes.   We should give serious consideration to building walkable communities and neighborhoods to make travel easier.

Preservation and Development: Keeping Our Green Space

Balance is key when it comes to development and preservation.  It is important to preserve our horse farms outside of the urban service boundary while also protecting green spaces within our neighborhoods.  This requires careful consideration of proposals for housing developments and listening to neighbors’ concerns regarding their desire to keep select green space in their neighborhoods.  If elected as your councilmember, I will be mindful of green space preservation both in our neighborhoods and throughout our city.

Partnering with Neighborhoods and Connecting with Constituents

I will work to establish and/or strengthen relationships between homeowners and neighborhood associations in the 9th district.  I will do everything I can to maintain regular communication and attend neighborhood meetings.  I will also host casual in-district events several times a year to give residents the opportunity to  talk with me and share their specific issues and concerns.  I am aware that sometimes residents avoid coming to the government center to visit because the experience can be intimidating or inconvenient.  My hope is to come TO YOU – being visible throughout the district – so we can meet, chat, and stay connected.

Accessible, Responsive, and Transparent Government

My promise to you is that I will work hard every day to make you proud.  I will be a councilmember who is accessible, responsive, and transparent.   I will work to ensure that all tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently by city hall.  I will listen to your concerns and take them seriously.  Most importantly, I will always vote in the best interest of my neighbors in District 9 and of our great city.

Colby K is the most qualified candidate for Councilmember for District 9 and intends to be a strong advocate for good public policy for all of Lexington.

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