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Colby K For Council Lexington Kentucky
Colby Khoshreza (ko·shray·za) was born and raised in Kentucky. He has spent his entire adult life in the ninth district of Lexington. His undergraduate degree was from the University of Kentucky and he earned his juris doctor degree from the University of Kentucky College of Law. While studying at UK, Colby held various leadership roles with UK DanceBlue, UK Student Government Association and UK Student Activities Board.


Colby is employed as an attorney for a legal technology company where he has won several awards for outstanding performance and client satisfaction. In his spare time, he enjoys working out at Lexington Athletic Club (located in the 9th district), attending concerts, reading, traveling, and visiting local restaurants and coffee shops in Lexington.


Colby is a strong community advocate and volunteer. For several years, he served as a board member and board chair for Family Counseling Service, a non-profit agency specializing in providing free and low-cost mental health counseling to working class families. He has also volunteered with the American Cancer Society, CASA, God’s Pantry, and Catholic Action Center. Colby is both a graduate and former board member of the United Way Get on Board program which provides extensive training to those wishing to serve on community and non-profit boards. He previously served as Executive Director of the University of Kentucky Center for Community Outreach.


Colby’s desire to run for Councilmember for District 9 is enthusiastically supported by his family, friends and many neighbors. Colby intends to be a strong advocate for good public policy for all of Lexington. He is committed to working hard, listening to neighbors, being accessible and responsive, understanding all of the issues, and voting in the best interest of the district and the city at large.


What draws you to be a councilmember?

“I love Lexington and want it to be a place we can all be proud to call home. My hope is to be a champion for the ninth district and a strong advocate for smart public policy for all of Lexington. I will work to ensure that Lexington continues to be a city that is safe, beautiful, clean, and welcoming to all people.”


What do you see as the biggest challenges our community faces?

“As Lexington grows, we will encounter many new challenges that are common in flourishing mid-size cities. Public safety will be my top priority as I work to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and that our first responders feel supported. Also important for our city is maintaining the balance between growth and preservation. Preserving our horse farms and agriculture is vital to the economy of our area. I will be a councilmember who supports preserving our farmland while also advocating for dedicated green space throughout our district. Lastly, traffic problems throughout the city remain an issue that impacts all of us. Continued emphasis on mass transit, traffic timing, lane changes, and plans for expansion of key roads is critical as the city grows.”

Colby K is the most qualified candidate for Councilmember for District 9 and intends to be a strong advocate for good public policy for all of Lexington.

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