League of Women Voters Forum

Check out the 9th district candidate forum with the Lexington League of Women Voters: https://youtu.be/SYAfv_OhCyw

I am ready and prepared to serve you at city hall!


Herald Leader article

My answers to the Herald Leader questions.  Full article here: https://www.kentucky.com/article243550167.html


  1. Why are you the best candidate for the 9th Council District?

The combination of my legal education, professional experience, and community service helps me understand the issues facing our community and has prepared me to make policy that will have the most positive impact on our city.  I am fair, independent and offer a fresh perspective to the issues facing our city.


  1. What specific steps would you take to address racial inequality in Lexington?

Internally, local government should implement Undoing Racism workshops for employees to raise awareness and begin crucial conversations around race.  In the community, more must be done to partner with, promote, and prioritize opportunities for black-owned businesses and organizations, including low-interest start-up loans and an increased percentage of city contracts going to qualified minority owned businesses.


  1. Do you think there needs to be more police accountability? If so, what specific changes do you support?

The police do need to be more accountable and government more transparent.  I favor establishing a citizen board to review police discipline and suggest that records of disciplinary actions be retained longer in personnel files.  There must be a willingness to have open discussions about how our government can work better for all people.


  1. Do you support allowing accessory dwelling units in residential neighborhoods? Why or why not?

I do not support ADUs at the current time.  I am concerned about the significant neighborhood opposition to ADUs and lack of code enforcement staffing to be able to enforce an ADU ordinance.  If we proceed to allow ADUs it is crucial to get neighborhood buy-in first, in addition to designating funding for additional code enforcement officers.



  1. What is Lexington’s most important infrastructure need in coming years and how should it be funded?

Maintaining roads as our population grows will be a challenge. We should be focused on building more walkable communities to ease road congestion. We should improve the efficiency of our transit service by developing rapid transit lanes and continue to reevaluate turn lanes and traffic light timing.



  1. Under what circumstances should Lexington’s urban service boundary be expanded?

It is important that Lexington continue to balance growth and preservation.  For now, we should work to promote infill and redevelopment and use all available land inside of the urban boundary.  Once all available land has been fully developed, we will need to examine our growth needs while remaining committed to preserving our agricultural economy.


  1. What is the most pressing issue in the 9th District and what would you do to address it?

From my perspective, the safety and wellbeing of our neighborhoods should be the top concern. We need to continue funding for public safety, community mental health, and substance abuse programs.  I am committed to fostering relationships and communication between neighborhood associations and police; hosting frequent district-wide forums; and establishing and supporting neighborhood crime watch programs.

Run for Something Endorsement

In these difficult times – we need leaders who will stand up for what is right, challenge the status quo, and commit to building a system that includes and respects all people.

I am honored to receive the endorsement of Run for Something. They endorse candidates who are committed to creating equitable change in their communities. Together, we will win our June 23rd primary and go on to make Lexington a better place for all of us.


Yardsign Blitz

Will you help our campaign by displaying a yardsign for Colby K for Council?  If so, email colbykforcouncil@gmail.com and we will deliver!  Thank you for your support!  I ask for your vote on June 23rd.  Please tell your family and friends who live in South Lexington (District 9) to vote Colby K for Council!

Request your absentee ballot

You can now request your absentee ballot online.  See the process below.


1. Go to www.govoteky.com by June 15, 2020
2.  Once on the website, select absentee ballot request (Sign up here).
3. Complete the information.  You will need your social security number and driver’s license number.
4. Your absentee ballot will be processed and mailed to you via USPS by the county clerk.
5. Complete your ballot and mail back (postage is prepaid by the elections dept) by June 23rd (postmark deadline for your vote to be counted is June 23rd).
*note: all registered voters will get a postcard that explains this process in late May.
I ask for your vote on June 23rd.  Please tell your family and friends who live in South Lexington (District 9) to vote Colby K for Council!

Mail in voting for June primary

Due to COVID-19, voting in Kentucky’s primary election will be via absentee ballot.  Details are as follows:


1. Go to www.govoteky.com by June 15, 2020 (this portal will not be live until around May 22nd).
2.  Once on the website you will enter your personal info into the voter portal to request an absentee ballot (this portal will not be live until around May 22nd).
3. Your absentee ballot will be mailed to you by the county clerk.
4. Complete your ballot and mail back (postage is prepaid by the elections dept) by June 23rd (postmark deadline for your vote to be counted is June 23rd).
*note: all registered voters will get a postcard that explains this process in late May.
I ask for your vote on June 23rd.  Please tell your family and friends who live in South Lexington (District 9) to vote Colby K for Council!

Candidate Forum

Discussing the city budget, affordable housing, public safety and more!  The first candidate forum (via Zoom – in the age of social distancing).  All the way – with Colby K!


FYI: The Kentucky primary election is via absentee ballot.  You will need to vote on or before June 23, 2020.  Last date to request your ballot is June 15, 2020.  An online portal is forthcoming which will allow you to request your ballot via mail to your home address.  More details are forthcoming.

Victory Fund Endorsement

I am very honored to receive this endorsement.  Victory Fund only endorses candidates who will be strong voices for equality and who are building campaigns that are on-track to win.  And that is just what we are going to do.


Now, more than ever, we need competent and compassionate leaders who can bring creative solutions and sound judgment to government.  I ask for your vote on Tuesday, June 23rd.


God Bless the U.S.A. and everyone around the world.  Thankful for our many heroes – scientists, medical professionals, first responders, supermarket employees, solid waste employees – and many others – they are keeping our country going. 

New Primary Election Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Due to COVID-19 precautions there is a new primary election date in Kentucky.  The new date is Tuesday, June 23, 2020.

Imagine Nicholasville Road Forum

Enjoyed learning about improvments coming to Nicholasville road at the Imagine Nicholasville Road kick-off forum.  Our community is being asked for feedback at www.imaginenicholasvilleroad.com as Lexington rethinks Nicholasville road and how to address issues like traffic congestation, development, and walkability.  The final plan should be submitted to the Lexington Council in Fall 2020.

Visiting with our firefighters

Spent a little time this morning visiting and dropping off sweet treats to our dedicated firefighters.  Enjoyed chatting with some of the men and women who keep our neighborhoods safe.  Thankful for their service.  Fire stations 15, 20, and 22 are the primary stations for the neighborhoods of the Ninth District.

Walking neighborhoods!


A little rain or snow never held us back!  We are out walking neighborhoods and look forward to chatting with you.  We want to hear from you on the important issues that matter to your family and neighborhood.  We hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, May 19th!

Colby K officially enters the race for Council in the 9th District!

Colby K For 9th District Council Lexington KYToday, I have an exciting announcement. After much personal reflection and meaningful discussion with family and friends, I have made the decision to run for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council to represent the ninth district.


Like the dedicated public servants before me, I love Lexington. It is my wish to work with fellow councilmembers from all over Fayette County to ensure a bright and successful future for all the citizens who choose to live in our city. I want Lexington to continue to be a place that is beautiful, safe, clean and welcoming to all people.


For the last several years, Councilmember Jennifer Mossotti has represented our district with dignity and respect. As she retires, our neighbors will need a councilmember who will continue to be a champion for our district. I want to be that champion.


Government works best when citizens have elected leaders who work hard for them. I will be the type of councilmember who will be accessible and responsive. I will listen in an unbiased way and promise to take each and every concern seriously. I will commit my full attention to understanding the issues and pledge to remain independent. Most importantly, I will always vote in the best interest of my neighbors and of this great city.


Voting for councilmembers who, in turn, become champions for their district and advocates for good public policy for our city is crucial to its success. I feel that I have the qualities needed to become an effective voice for the residents in district 9. I humbly ask for your support and your vote in this race.


I promise to work hard everyday to make you proud.

#colbykforcouncil #allthewaywithcolbyk

#StrongLeadership #HardWork #SoundJudgment #lexky

Colby K is the most qualified candidate for Councilmember for District 9 and intends to be a strong advocate for good public policy for all of Lexington.

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